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Okay I've updated the forums.
  • You can now unheart things
  • You should be able to delete your own posts now
  • Lists now have bullet points yay!
  • Fixed images in posts
  • Threads that are new but have no comments now show "New"
  • Fixed category box wrapping on small screens
  • Red buttons have been slightly muted
  • Post Preview should now look better and be scrollable
  • Toolbars should look better now when there is no gear icon present.
  • The menu bar profile icon now shows a Gravatar for people without their own avatars.
  • Spoliers now work. Useful for hiding sensitive information
  • Since this is a developer forum, I figured we needed some Code Highlighting:
You must specify a language in order for the highlighting to work. For example:
[code language="c#"][/code] (using square brackets)

Results in
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class CheckState : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject myObject;
    void Start ()
        Debug.Log("Active Self: " + myObject.activeSelf);
        Debug.Log("Active in Hierarchy" + myObject.activeInHierarchy);

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