Beat Attack [prototype] - One-button two-player rhythm puzzle combo heaven!


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    I don't think you'll gain much from pooling at all. They're not necessarily going to make any of your update times any shorter. Pooling will reduce your GCs, but it looks like that's not even a big problem for you (sub 2ms GCs are pretty fast), probably given the relative flatness of your heap. Using Grids might not help you much either, unless its flexibility allows you to perform new optimisations that are not trivial to do with your current architecture (whatever that is).
    Yup, definitely not something that'll make an epic difference. Like you say, the only reason is GC. And yeah until you're actually seeing those jerks and concerned about them, focus on other things first.
    Once that's been taken care of, the biggest thing remaining is the comparatively high 6ms script update, which suggests your scripts are probably doing a whole lot more work than they should. Optimising this without the Unity profiler will be VERY difficult, though. This is also the part where optimisation quickly becomes VERY technical and complicated.
    You really, really want to be using the profiler by the time you're doing this. The profiler can actually connect to versions of the app built with the "development" flag set and the "connect to profiler" flag set (both in File->Build Settings). If you make your next downloadable PC build with those settings, maybe you'll be lucky and someone charitable with a Pro license will take a peek ;)
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