Thope Foundation looking for Women in IT/GameDev

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Hi everyone,

I met some people from the Thope Foundation today and after finding out that I make games they asked if I knew any women in the industry who would be interested in giving a talk about their careers to a group of young girls. (only Cape Town at the moment)

I'll paste their email to me verbatim below since they explain it better than I do. They are primarily interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) careers. They were very interested to hear there were some women in the game dev industry (though I do know we are not very representative at the moment) so I'm asking here to find out if there is anyone who might fit what they are looking for. Games are a great way to inspire people so I thought it would be worth asking here.

It sounds like a great idea, South Africa does seem to have an unfortunate culture of discouraging young girls from following careers in certain areas and the Thorpe Foundation is wanting to do something to change that.

Essentially, Thope Foundation provides tutoring, mentorship and life skills programs aimed at fostering leadership and personal development of young girls. Our tutoring programs target STEM career paths where there is a dearth of representation of women and girls. The programs run every Saturday during term at Chumisa Primary School in Khayelitsha. We are hosting a 3 hour Career Day themed: Women in the world of STEM work. We'd like a female speaker or two to talk about their careers by answering the following questions:

What do you do?
What did you study and where?
Which high school subjects did have to take for your chosen career path?
Any interesting anecdotes about your chosen career?
What is women's representation in your field?
What are the challenges women experience in your field/company?
What is the one thing you wish you had known about your field before getting into it?

Each speaker has to provide a 100[word] bio about themselves that we can use to introduce them.

Event details are:

Date: Saturday 4th October, 2014
Venue: Chumisa Primary School, Bonga Drive, Khayelitsha,
Time: 9am to 12pm

Contact details: or 073 166 9326

Alternatively reply here or DM me, they work in the office I work in so I can always send along a message/question.
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